A person is working on an electrical panel.

Building Essentials: Electrical and Plumbing Systems

At AllFix in Moses Lake, Washington, we’re not limited to building repair and remodeling. We are also proud to offer exceptional electrical and plumbing services. Our expert electricians are always ready to diagnose and solve challenging problems.

From repairs to remodeling, we cover all residential building and maintenance needs. We have some new services on the horizon. Stay tuned for our soon-to-be-launched plumbing services.

Our goal is to be the solution to all your home repair and remodeling needs, from electrical to plumbing.

Solutions-Oriented Performance

Committed to delivering high-quality building repair and structure remodeling services, we take charge of all aspects from the initial scheduling to the final completion. Our teams work hard to ensure every task is accomplished efficiently and effectively.

Our solution-minded approach is focused on the continuous improvement of our service processes. We believe there's always room for betterment and we strive to enhance our services for that optimal customer experience.

Count on Us

Every project we undertake is given due attention and dedication. We leave no work unfinished and are dedicated to providing solutions to your problems as quickly as possible.